Moto Z Play Droid
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I'm looking to purhase the above phone in two days. My only concern is the non-removable battery. Does anyone have an idea of this batteries lifetime?  I just got burned with a non-removable on my Ellipis 7. Verizon's response, let us sell you a new one...

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Re: Moto Z Play Droid
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It is exciting to heat about your interest in the new phone, KEVHAW10. It’s important to us you have all the details you need about the devices battery and I’m happy to help you today.

The devices battery life does depend on several factors and I have included additional information here Keeping the phone software up to date and avoiding extensive overcharging (continuously on a charger for more than 24 hours) are best practices. I have also included information on how you can extend the battery life following every charge here for you. Please reach back out to us for any other questions and we will be ready to continue helping.


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