Moto Z Sound Quality Awful on Phone Calls

About a week and a half ago, my phone upgraded to Nougat, and since then I have had TERRIBLE sound quality on phone calls.  It plays music, Youtube, etc just fine, but phone calls - from the headset - are almost incomprehensible.  Each word the other person speaks sounds like pure static, and sometimes I can't hear them at all.  I haven't dropped the phone or anything that would do physical damage, and none of the troubleshooting suggestions even touch the problem.  I'm about to try a factory re-set, but am hoping there's something else out there.  Any help would be VERY welcomed!

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Re: Moto Z Sound Quality Awful on Phone Calls
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Here are a couple things I would try/suggest:

  • Settings > Advanced Calling (also known as HD Voice) > Advanced Calling > toggle this off if it is on or toggle it on if it is off.
    • This way you try your calls with or without it turned on
    • Go back one step and also try with or without Wi-Fi Calling turned on.
      • This may or may not help if your in a place where Wi-Fi is available
  • Run the Software Repair Assitant when you have a chance. It will ask if you want to back everything up and restore it: Repair Assistant - Software Upgrade Assistant (Motorola) | Verizon Wireless

If you try all this and still have issues the device may need to be swapped out.