Moto Z wifi disconnecting.

On a cruise with my Moto Z and it keeps disconnecting from the cruise ship wifi.  I've disabled Avoid bad Wi-Fi connections but it keeps disconnecting.  Sometimes while the phone is asleep and sometimes in the middle of using it.   I've rebooted disconnected, joined, logged off the wifi reconnected and it still keeps happening.  I didn't notice this occurring at home prior to leaving. 

Samsung devices of people with me are having NO issues.   Also when I initially tried to connect it kept disconnecting and switching to Cellular before I could get to the wifi sign-in page even though avoid bad Wi-Fi was off. 

Very annoying.   Tried to find an app to see logs as to why its dropping have not found any and nothing has helped.

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Re: Moto Z wifi disconnecting.
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I am sorry to hear your phone is disconnecting while on a cruise. I am sure this is the last thing you want to see happen while on vacation. Let’s get to the bottom of this and find a solution. Can you please confirm if you are experiencing the same issue with other WiFi networks? What software version is currently installed on the phone? Click here: . Also can you please put your phone in safe mode and see if the issue duplicates. Safe mode is a diagnostic mode that disables third party applications. Click here for the steps: .

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Re: Moto Z wifi disconnecting.
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Make sure you turn off Cellular Data/Mobile Data because if you drop off while using the WiFi you will incur Roaming Charges (Cruise Ships are not covered by any international feature that VZW offers. $2.05/MB). Also, check with the Cruise Ship front desk. A lot of the time dropping wifi connections are because of the WiFi network itself not because of the device.

Also, try resetting the Network Settings. Heres the steps: Settings > Backup & Reset > Reset Network Settings. Remember, you will lose all saved WiFi passwords.

Reply back if this helps at all!