Moto Z4 Bluetooth

My Moto Z4 refuses to connect to any of my Bluetooth  speakers, or earbuds.  The devices connect to other phones without issue, the problem is clearly with the phone.

I have tried power cycling the devices and the phone.  Cycling Bluetooth on and off. Turning wifi off.  Switching to safe mode. Resetting the network connections. The devices are fully charged and in pairing mode right next to the phone.  

In all cases, the phone searches for new devices, but cannot see the device I am trying to pair.  

Anyone else? Any other ideas?

Re: Moto Z4 Bluetooth
Customer Service Rep

ACS3, thanks for those details. The Bluetooth feature is essential, and my goal is to make sure it is working properly. No worries, we can do some troubleshooting to resolve the issue. Have you ever been able to connect any speaker or earbuds to it? What happens when you try to connect?