Motorola Droid and Eris owners poll
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Many people have posted their anger with the lack of android 2.1 OTA update on both the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Eris. I want to make a poll that indicates how many of you feel you were deceived Into thinking you were getting more then got by the Verizon Wireless store when you got your Droid.

Please keep it simple.

1. Which Droid do you have Motorola or HTC

2. Do you feel deceived yes or no


Please post your honest answers and maybe a short comment

it should look like this


1. Motorola

2. YES


Comment: I was told in November I would have android 2.1 and flash 10.1 by the end of the year

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Re: Motorola Droid and Eris owners poll
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1) Motorola

2) No


I just got my droid at the end of Feb and I was told then that the 2.1 update may be delayed and they weren't sure it would include Flash support but possibly have Flash Lite

Re: Motorola Droid and Eris owners poll
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Motorola No I bought my Droid on the first day available(November). I don't believe there is a legitimate reason to feel cheated about 2.1. It will come when it is ready. I have had problems with my phone, but this is not one of them. I don't think that it is going to change my life when it arrives. The changes just aren't that big.
Re: Motorola Droid and Eris owners poll

1. HTC

2. No


Love it.  Little tricky setting up HTC Sync and getting it to work, but once I read the right blogs it worked great.

Too bad HTC Eris doesn't function as tethered modem.  I'm sure it *could*, but as far as I know there's no way yet.


Still waiting for 2.1 to come out.  But 1.5 is still great, I guess we're all just chasing that carrot aren't we?

Re: Motorola Droid and Eris owners poll
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I bought my Motorola Droid around the first of February on the Verizon web site.  I was deceived by no body.  The Motorola Droid does everything I expected and more.  I don't care what operating system it has as long as it works...and it does.  I have had ZERO problems with my phone in two months since I got it.

Re: Motorola Droid and Eris owners poll

1.  Droid

2.  NO


I bought mine through the mail right at the start in November.  I like the phone.  I will not die if 2.1 is delayed, but some of the upgrades will be nice.  I think they should tell us it is coming or not coming, however.