Motorola One - for faster charging use original charger - noise

I have a Motorola One 5G UW, and if I ever plug it into a 1A charger, it complains "for faster charging use original charger".  The thing is, when it does this, it plays a sound.  It repeats like once a minute ALL NIGHT LONG!  I use an alarm clock app on my phone as my alarm clock - I can't just put it where I won't hear it as I won't hear the alarm in the morning.

I do have it setup to make a sound when it charges.  I want to know that it is plugged in properly and charging.  I don't want to turn this sound off.  But I suspect it is the only way to shut this noise up.  That or disable notifications (for what app?), which I don't think I want to do either.

Is there some way, some hidden setting somewhere, where you can tell it, "I know I could be charging faster - quit bugging me about it."?

Unfortunately, I'm stuck with Motorola because Samsung lost their brains and quit including 3.5mm jacks on their phones.  You find out that your blue tooth headset isn't charged right when you need to make an important phone call.  When I am on-call for work, I need to be able to call and type at the same time.  Rechargeable bluetooth headsets is just not an option.  I need to be able to use a standard 3.5mm jack headset that does not require recharging.  I miss the wireless charging on my old Samsung Galaxy 7 too.  I pretty much miss everything about my old Galaxy 7 - if the ear piece & headset jack on it didn't start flaking out on me, I'd still be using it.

Re: Motorola One - for faster charging use original charger - noise
Customer Service Rep

It's important to be able to charge your phone, and not hear a loud noise the entire time. Let's dig into this issue, Damocles. Has the device always done this? *Rebecca