Motorola and Lenovo a brand you still trust
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Motorola was the first to make and market the cell phone in the United States but today however all that has changed. First by Google then next to

Lenovo. The computer manufacturing company markets the Moto "Bat wing trademark" line around the world and things have changed for the Motorola phone as we know. No longer is Moto in the forefront of sales, Apple, Samsung, LG and others are now in the front of the pack. The Lenovo/Moto smartphones are and will continue however to be a big player in the field. Is the Lenovo/Moto smartphone one you now perhaps own or would purchase today and why?

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Given that Moto phones are not at the forefront of production and development focus with Lenovo as is evident by the reused designs and styles as of late, I have moved on.  It's just not the same Moto it once was. 

I liked the stock OS experience, but there are a lot of near-stock UIs now and a lot of the features Moto had are now replicated by apps and newer phones.  It also didn't help that, outside of Direct-from-Moto, VZW was the primary carrier.  Exclusivity really hurt that impression I used to have. 

I have since moved on to LG, and now am using an iPhone 7 Plus.  Nevermind the rehashed stylings of the iPhone, as this is my first one and new to me. 

Moto's price-points (other than Play editions) were less than stellar and mods never interested me. There is way too much competition in the Android world for premium pricing on phones that last 1-2 years and have fewer updates.


I have owned several Moto phones and all of my computers and tablets are Lenovo. Lenovo support for updates is atrocious on their Android products. I have gotten buggy updates that are never fixed and rooting them to regain original function is a pain in the butt. They fail to even offer two years of OS updates same for some of their phones (Droid mini still on kit-kat). Verizon delays make this problem even worse. I will not be buying another non-Nexus/ unlocked device.

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The Droid X and X2 were flops. They were advertised heavily and were unusable devices. By the time Motorola made a device that was good, they were no longer sought out and Samsung had made great devices. It wasn't until they entered the exclusive contract with VZW that their devices started to become better. At that point it was hard to get people interested in them over the Galaxy series.