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I just replaced my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Using Google, I've moved over everything that I want - pictures, contacts, etc.  I want to move the SD card from the Note 3 to the S7 Edge for storage purposes.  Is there anything that I need to do before removing the SD card from the Note 3 or when installing in the Edge?  Will I be bringing over anything from the Note 3 that I might not want (and should delete off the SD card while still in the Note 3)?  Thanks. 

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If you move it over, whatever is on it will move too. If you don't want that stuff on the new device simply delete it.

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Ensure the Note 3 is turned off before removing the SD card.  Once you place the SD card in the S7 Edge, you may want to format it to ensure it works correctly; it may work fine without formatting, but if there's info. on the SD card you don't want/need on the S7 Edge, formatting will remove the files.

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