Multiple simultaneous bluetooth connections

I want my lg g8 thinq to pair to ONE device at a time and only one. Not two and not five but one. For the life of me i cant find any setting on this phone to change it and I cant find a guide onlime either. 

If this is a setting that for whatever reason cant be changed then I'll throw this phone away tomorrow because this is dangerous and annoying enough to truly make me regret this $800 phone.

Ive had two other phones that could connect up to five devices at once, which I never in my life will want, but there was always an option to limit it to one. 

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Jji1990, thank you so much for reaching out. We don't want you to throw your phone away. Our goal is to make sure that you have nothing but love for your device. To be on the same page, when you go into Settings, Connected Devices, Bluetooth, does it show that there are more than one Bluetooth device ACTIVE? Or does it just show you that there are multiple devices under "Available Device?" Please keep us posted. KevinR_VZW

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Bluetooth is connecting more then one device? Oh I got to see this!!

Please what is the model of the LG.

Are you sure they are connected and just not paired?

There is a option for connection access: automatic or always ask.

Paired is just devices in memory. So you always have forget device.

Bluetooth tethering needs Bluetooth on so paired devices options are under Bluetooth.