My LG G4 goes to silent mode by itself. Fix?

My LG G4 just started going to silent mode automatically.  This is not happening because of a case or being in a bag or pocket, but sitting on a table.  Can this be easily fixed?

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Re: My LG G4 goes to silent mode by itself. Fix?
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A phone will go into Silent mode for a few possible reasons:

1). You selected silent mode

2). You are running some Automation program downloaded from the Playstore that does this for certain times of the day or other events

3). You press the volume down button numerous times until it goes from super low to silent


5). A case causes something to apply pressure to your volume down button

6). Your volume down button becomes stuck because of some debris wedged in it

7). Moisture got in it


8). Some unknown software flaky.

I wager it's 5,6,7 or 8 at root cause.\

5? Take it out of a case

6? Visually inspect, with a magnifying glass. Try sending in a puff of dry air to clear debris

7? Time to power-down, place it in a bag with rice kernels, and tightly seal the bag for 3 or 4 days

8? Try a System Cache Wipe from the recovery/boot menu (not from Settings - that only does an application cache clear). If this doesn't work, backup your important content on a PC then perform an FDR.

Good luck.