My LG Intuition just died
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I thought the problem might be with the battery since it hasn't recharged properly for awhile, so I purchased a new battery, popped it in, but all it does is get super hot around the charger input area.  Still completely dead.  I have no clue what to do with it now, and I really need to access my text messages.

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Re: My LG Intuition just died

If the phone is unable to charge a brand new battery with a charger that is known to be good...and...won't turn on at all....I'd say that it is toast.

If text messages have been backed up to a cloud account, they can be accessed there. If Verizon Wireless's "Message +" app is installed on a computer the text messages might be accessible there.

Re: My LG Intuition just died
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Great suggestion, dexman. I understand the importance of you being able to access your messages, Pam3000. I'm sorry to learn about your phone. If you have previously used Integrated messaging with Verizon Messages, you can access our web app here.


I've also sent you a direct message, Pam3000, so that I can assist with options for your device. Please reply to my direct message so I can continue to assist.



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