My LG V10 is not turning on. Any suggestions?

It was working fine, then 2 minutes after I put it down it looked like it was restarting, but then got stuck on the white Verizon screen; I took the battery out for 15 minutes, put it back in and now it's stuck on the black LG Android screen. It's very hot to the touch and just isn't coming to. Please help! I don't want to have to do a hard reset because I don't want to lose all my media. Anyone? Thanks in advance!

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Re: My LG V10 is not turning on. Any suggestions?
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I hate to break it to you but you aren't going to be able to recover anything that isn't backed up to a cloud service or on an SD card.

Sounds like you are stuck in boot-loop and will need a replacement.

Re: My LG V10 is not turning on. Any suggestions?
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I know its frustrating to have a phone that won't power up ejmohabir. Any damage to the device, charger or charging port? I first recommend connecting the phone to different chargers (wall, Usb, car) to check if it will come on. I also recommend a battery pull for 1-2 minutes. If the phone powers up, try clearing some memory to help with it freezing or not powering up. Keep us posted.

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