My touchscreen is no longer sensitive

My touchscreen is no longer sensitive and doesn't work properly. I have tried a soft reset with no improvement. It takes forever to type a text or to access icons, pressing for 3-5 seconds on each icon before it recognizes. Missing phone calls because the screen no longer swipes regularly.There is no damage to the screen.  I assume it is the digitizer, is this something that can be fixed at the verizon store? If so, what is the cost of a fix like that? Thanks!

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Re: My touchscreen is no longer sensitive
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Having a working touch-screen is imperative to being able to use your device as intended CJDunlap. When did this issue begin or that you first noticed? Are there any software updates available for your device and if not, when was the last update processed? Have you noticed any other issues with the device? Looking forward to hearing back.

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