Network locks every time I leave cell range

I have a Motorola G Pure. It has been updated to the most recent upgrade. I purchased the phone at a Verizon store and activated it with the same Sim card I'm currently using. I am on a prepaid account that uses auto pay.

Every time I leave cell range my phone locks the network with a notification stating, "Sim Card is not from Verizon Wireless." I've taken the phone to a Verizon store before to fix the issue, which we found that resetting the mobile data worked. However, it's not working anymore and I'm entirely unable to get service on my phone. I've pulled the Sim card out of my phone, and it looks fine. Please help.

Re: Network locks every time I leave cell range
Customer Service Rep

Hello, taldridge12! We understand how important is for you to get your phone working as before, so you can be in touch with your loved ones. To further assist you, I will be sending you PM, so we can get started.