New Phone

Just got a new Motorola edge plus phone from Verizon. Worked great for about a week and now there's all kinds of quirky issues. I'm beginning to think it might be a refurbished model. I've owned Motorola phones since day one and this is the first time I've had a problem like this. Could Verizon possibly be selling advertised phones as new but in actuality it is refurbished?  Thinking about getting one directly from Motorola like I've done in the past with no issues not to mention all of the useless crapola that Verizon installs on their phone's.    TIA

Re: New Phone
Customer Service Rep

dei3racer, thank you for reaching out to us, and congrats on the new device. Making sure your device is working correctly si important. What's going on? What type of quirky issues are you encountering?


We do not sell refurbished devices as "New". Where did you purchase the phone? Did you receive the original packaging for the device?