New battery . . . now hard to have a phone conversation

I have an LG G3 phone.  I was getting short battery life with the original battery, so I figured I needed a new battery.  I bought an extended-life battery (a TQTHL).  This battery, being much thicker than the original, doesn't fit the metallic back of the phone, so the phone uses a "Soft TPU Full Edge Protection Case" and not the original back of the phone.  I know the phone doesn't have NFC functionality with the new battery, so I wondered if the back of the case is essentially part of the phone's antenna.   I doubt Verizon had a cell tower go down, so could this be why I have much less phone call functionality with the new battery -- I have to move next to a window, or even go outside, to have a conversation over the phone?

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Re: New battery . . . now hard to have a phone conversation
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We always want you to have a properly working device. In order for your LG G3 to work as it should be, you do want to ensure you have the back cover on.

Not only will this ensure everything is held together, it will also ensure any foreign objects (dust, water, etc) does not end up in the back of the device & stop it from working.


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