New customer trying to return phone within 14 day period

I am a new customer and am trying to return my phone. I have chatted and spoke with reps on the phone each time getting a different story. Last night I chatted with someone who confirmed a shopping label had been sent and would be delivered by 8 tonight. Unfortunately another lie I have been told. I am to the point where I am considering cancelling my service all together. I need assistance so that I can return my phone bwfoee the 14 day window. This phone was originally purchaed online.

On a side note, after the chat session was over I did use email option in the chat window to send a copy of our conversation to myself. Given that I have been told so many conflicting things I wanted to ensure that I have proof of what we had discussed. I never did receive the email, and I am qu it e concerned. (I have checked my spam folder)

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