New phone poor reception

We "upgraded" to new Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 (E6910) from old Motorolas. Reception is now poor and broadband is slow or non-exsistant. Mail and texts sometimes don't arrive. We were told tower was busy and we were throttled to 600kbps. Upgraded to Beyond unlimited to avoid throttle but this did nothing. 

Doing a little research it looks like the old phones had CDMA capability but new phones have only LTE/UMTS/GSM. Our old Jetpack continues to connect the laptops fast and help with the phone internet. Is the problem the phones, the tower or the inability to receive via CDMA? 

How does one fix this?

Is there a booster that works? If so what band and frequency?

I should not have to buy a booster or eat up jetpack data to get the same service I had on 4 year old Motorola phones?

Re: New phone poor reception

no guarantees of the new phone working like the old one.

"tower was busy", i wasn't aware that phone reps had access to that info.

fwiw: neither unlimited/beyond unlimited data plans provide fast connections.

is the jetpack on wi-fi? 

Re: New phone poor reception
Customer Service Rep

As someone who uses my own data frequently, I know how important it is to have full data service bill36. I know this is the last thing that you expected when upgrading to new devices. I am confident I can help and see what is going on. I know you have several services issues and we will work on them one at a time. How is your voice and text services? May I have the nearest intersection and City? Are both phones having the same data issues?    AmberF_VZW