New update for android causes wifi to not work

After the current update to my phone VS880 (Update to VS88025A) the WiFi goes in an out several times per hour all day, every day. I can connect to a WiFi source for a few minutes then it disconnects with an error of WiFi connection has been disconnected. After a minute or so it comes back up only to give me WiFi for a minute or so before it goes back down again. I have removed my WiFi connection and re-established it, same results. I have restarted my WiFi router, same results. This all started happening directly after the latest update, so I know that is the source of it. This needs to be fixed!

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Re: New update for android causes wifi to not work
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I wouldn't be able to function if I had service issues. I rely on my service everyday especially at home. I'll be happy to help. What is the make and model of your Wi-Fi router? Any other devices having connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi besides your phone? 

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