No Credit for Trade In for Upgrade
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     I traded in my LG G3 in early August 2016 to upgrade to the LG G5 with a new plan.  The advertised promotion at the time was $200 trade in for an LG G3 (depending on condition).  My LG G3 was new, it was flawless.  I took this opportunity to upgrade because I wanted the newer LG G5 after skipping upgrading to other units for almost a year.  I could not keep my "old plan" as it did not exist anymore though the price even with the lease for the new G5 would be roughly the same.  Back to the issue/question at hand here.

     The trade in process was straightforward but the promotion was vague though it was clear I met all requirements for the full promotional trade in price.  My device was pristine, worked perfectly and I had no qualms this would be considered lesser than a new device because I had just replaced it a week before with a new LG G3.  Initially I sought online support for clarification on the broad and somewhat repetitive conditions for trade in which I had read thoroughly.  Live chat Verizon support assured me this was the promotion and that it would take a few billing cycles for my trade in to appear in the form of a credit on my account.  They even assisted me in the process further which was not needed but I appreciated.

     I initiated my claim on 7/30/2016 and Verizon sent me two return boxes from seemingly two different types of Verizon trade in program.  One was a box with shrink wrap packaging affixed to a cardboard insert.  The second was a padded white sleeve with a box pre labeled.  I consulted Verizon once again over telephone and I was instructed to used the box and envelope and disregard the box and insert version.  A week later I received an email saying the device has arrived and processed but Verizon also sent me emails saying the device has not yet arrived.

     It is now 12/18/2016 and I have a trade in submission ID that still shows my device has arrived but no final value or word on the process.  Also no credit has been applied to my account after five billing cycles.  I have all emails and documentation and I have called Verizon to no avail, apparently they are unable to see the status on anything to do with trade in claims.  I feel like my phone has just been taken from me and I have proof of my submission and everything but I am left to just wonder.  I would be very grateful on any suggestions or support on this seemingly deceitful and confusing situation.  Thank you.

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Re: No Credit for Trade In for Upgrade
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I'm sorry to hear about this, it sounds like you did all the research and did everything you were supposed to, but Verizon messed up.

The best I can tell you is to continue calling them about it. You may even want to reach out to corporate if you're unable to get anywhere.

Re: No Credit for Trade In for Upgrade
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It is troubling to hear of the experience, ALABRO63 and I assure you that we want to turn this around for you as soon as possible.We appreciate your patience and have the next best steps available to solve this concern.

We do recommend that you reach out to our trade in team at 800-416-8894 for details on your submission. We advise you have your submission id available to allow our representatives the opportunity to investigate properly. Please reach back out to us with any other questions or concerns and we will be ready to continue helping.

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