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Sons phone which isn't a year old stopped charging and the store doesn't have an answer why, said can pay 600 for new phone even though the phone has stopped charging. Also its under the monthly insurance coverage. They talked my son into this phone and now we- hes stuck with a paperweight. Isnt there some email to an upper manager to contact?

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You could replace it under the warranty for a refurbished phone. You could also file an insurance claim, pay the deductible and get a refurbished phone as a replacement.

You could also purchased a gently used phone from Swappa or another third party retailer or a purchase a new phone at the full retail price. Not all new phones cost $600+. Some are less than $300 and are quite capable.

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Ann is right, there are other options. Although we do not know which device he has I'm assuming it is one that does not have a removable battery. If it did I'm sure the battery would have already been checked. It is possible you could contact the OEM and simply have it repaired for a small fee.

A friend of mine had an older iPhone model. It was 45 days or so out of warranty and the Wi-Fi simply would not turn on. The toggle was greyed out. He had to make a decision to simply buy a new phone. Apple told him there isn't a fix and 3rd party repair shops didn't have an answer. This is something that does sometimes happen no matter who the OEM is. Be glad you have insurance as an option. On the other hand some phones I've seen last for years and years. It is kind of like a car... if you have bad luck with one of the auto makers you tend to not buy from that same auto maker again. Perhaps the same will be true with your phone buying experience.

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JAMAYE48, it's important to us that your son has a properly working device. Does his phone have any physical or liquid damage? Is the device showing evidence that it's powered on and charged when it's connected to the charger? For example, does the screen light up? Are you using the provided functioning charger/cable in a known working outlet?

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