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When I enter my office building my phone reception drops from 4G to 1X on my Samsung Galaxy.  After a couple of minutes the reception drops completely.  I don't think my phone reception should drop completely.  A lot of my coworkers have ATT service plans and they have full reception with 4G speeds while in the office building.  The location of the office building is in Forest, MS where the map states that there is great coverage.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: No reception
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Then switch to att if it's that important.

Not being rude but the service of att is different. So the building penetration is different. But it could be different elsewhere. You would have to decide which one is more important as coverage. And cell carriers are "buying" folks out of contracts now.

Re: No reception
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It has nothing to do with your carrier.

That's the blunt truth. You and I both know Verizon carries the best network. But of course if we cant get service where we need it whats the point? Remember that Verizon Wireless does not guarantee service inside buildings due to it not being in their control. They cannot control the building and how/what it was made with. There are options for increasing the signal.

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Re: No reception
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REGBOG70, we know having service at work is esssential. When did the signal issue start?  Has service ever worked in the office?

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Re: No reception
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Sounds like a building construction issue. It is likely that the building has a DAS installed for AT&T, a downward facing cell site on top of the building, or someone installed an AT&T compatible network extender somewhere, which is why they are working so well indoors.

If this is a highrise building, it might be worthwhile to ask building management about whether or not a repeater/DAS is installed, and if they can work on getting Verizon added to the system.

Alternatively, if your employer does Bring your Own Device support on their Wi-Fi network, consider enabling both Voice over LTE and Wi-Fi Calling on your device.