Nokia 3 V How to disable WiFi Calling notification?

There is no Nokia forum. So, this may be in the wrong place. 

I have the notification to enable wifi calling in the upper left of the screen. I am not allowed to use "wifi calling". How can I get this off the screen? 

When I hold on the notification, it says this cannot be turned off. Is this my last Verizon phone after 14 years of being a customer? Or is there a work-around?

Re: Nokia 3 V How to disable WiFi Calling notification?
Customer Service Rep

User614name, seeing a notification that won't disappear can be worrisome. We're here to help! To ensure I have all the details, have you ever enabled Wi-Fi Calling on this device in the past? Which apps, or services are you using when the notification appears (for example: placing a call, sending a text, Social Media, etc)? What do you see as a VZW signal on your device, when this notification appears?