Not all Pictures Transferring to Computer from LG G4

I am trying to transfer pictures from my LG G4 to my computer via a USB cord.  However, not all of my pictures transfer.  I purchased my phone in August of 2015.  Only the pictures from August through December of 2015 and August through December of 2016 appear on my computer.  I have looked at the picture information of some of the ones that will not show up and the file path appears to be the same as the ones that do show up.  I cannot find a reason as to why they do not transfer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Not all Pictures Transferring to Computer from LG G4
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We want to ensure all your pictures are safely transferred over, KARSTR71. It's very strange that you are only showing photos from this time frame. On your phone, please go to your apps and locate the Tools folder and select File Manager. Once File Manager has loaded, select Image and locate the pictures that you are not seeing when you try transferring. Once you have identified where the photos are saved please use the steps on the following link to move the pictures to your computer.

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