Not getting a promised promotion

When I visited my parent June last year, I got my mom her new phone for her birthday at Victra, verizon authorized retailer.  I was happy to get her what she wanted but then it turned into the worst experinece! And still not resolved.  

Promotion was $300 off, after paying full price get $12.5 off per month.  I got a receipt saying I will see the promotion in 2-3 billing cycles later.  I didn't see any change after that so I called verizon.  The representative took long time to finally find the promo and apologized for mistake and told me I will see change in my next month bill.  Okay, looks like an honest mistake and stuff happens.

However, after a month, promotion still didn't applied.  I was out of country for a couple month, so when I came back in December, I reached out again to fix this.  Verizon representative who I spoke over the phone said there's NOTHING he can do because I got it from authorized retailer and it's been too long ago.  I contacted victra and he said I have to visit the store, which was over 500 miles away(by my parent's) and that's only way and it will be easy fix once I'm there.  

I had plan to visit my parents in January already so I decided to go in January.  Once I get there, they said since it's so long ago, they can't find promotion and they can only apply credit(since I had receipt) to verizon and wait for their appoval.  They took my receipt(kind of crazy they don't have this on their file), made a copy, and told me they will send it and follow up with me after 1-2 business day.  After few days, I reached out, they say didn't get to do it, since they were busy.  They PROMISED again to send it today and let me know.  Again, nothing.  So I called after few days and the store manager said he summitted already and I just have to wait.  After 2 weeks or so, I called and he said he did what he needed to do, I will hear from verizon.  At this point, I was so tired of wrong information and no follow ups.  So I called verizon to see if anything got updated, they said nothing.  I explained the whole situation again to new person.  She said she can fix it by finding similar promo.  And when I asked for if anything can be done for hassel and time I wasted for their mistake, she said I will get $50 credit.  She said I will get an email shortly after the call to confirm that I will get that promo and $50 credit.  A week later, no email.  I'm sitting here on my phone with another verizon representative again. 


I'm not sure this is right platform but if anyone know where to contact for a formal complaint, please let me know.  


Honesly, if it doesn't get fixed after this call and they don't do anything about all this time I wasted for their mistakes, I'm going to change service provider after 21 years.  I work in service industry and to me this is literally the worst customer service where they make multiple mistakes and basically telling me there's nothing to get done.   


Re: Not getting a promised promotion
Customer Service Rep

eddie0826, this is definitely not the experience we want to hear about & we do want to come to a resolution for you. I've sent a Private Note so that I can gather much needed information to assist you further. Please meet us in the Private Note to continue. Thank you. -Alicia