Not getting call or text from daugher

My daughter, whom is on my plan, is trying to call me and text me. She says the call just goes straight to voicemail and I am not getting any of her texts. I can call her n it goes through and she is getting my texts. No one else is having problems getting through to me. What could be wrong? She has an iPhone and I have an android. 

Re: Not getting call or text from daugher
Customer Service Rep

grapevine10069, help has arrived! Making sure you can receive calls & texts from your daughter is super important. How long has this been a problem? (A few days? A few weeks?) Did you check her contact on your phone to see if by chance it is blocked? What make & model phone do you have? Have you been able to delete her contact from your phone & then re-add it? AliciaD_VZW