Not helpful at store or online
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I'm simply trying to buy a SIM card for a phone on the account. At the store, so much hostility - they can't help anyone except emergencies right now? I understand not interacting physically, so didn't leave my car, but the staff person stood several feet away and told me they can't help and to use the App. What is a phone emergency if not a business owner that has a phone that doesn't work and needs to switch phones? How long will this last?

The App didn't address this situation.

The website is unresponsive.

Chat only has actions that lead to blank pages.  What are we paying for?

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Re: Not helpful at store or online
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GoodListener, I am sad to hear if you feel that you experienced anything less than exceptional customer service. I know how important it is for you to have a working phone, especially with all that is going on right now. However, our stores are providing very limited services right now do to the pandemic. You can actually order a new sim card via your My Verizon account. Or, do you have a corporate account with us?