Not receiving texts or phone calls from just one person, help

Over the last few months I have been trying to text a friend/old coworker who moved up north. I would text her and I would never receive any reply but the message would always show that it has been read. I figured she had to be busy. This happened a few times and I figured she had to be mad but she was texting my other coworkers. So i ended up calling her and found out she had been responding to all my texts and for some reason I wasn't getting them. She figured she would just call me if she wanted to talk, but every time she calls it will NEVER ring. The only way I will even find out she has called me is when she leaves a voicemail and I get a notification for it, if she doesn't leave a voicemail I would never know she has called me. She has a Samsung 7 and I have a LG V20, we are both using the Verizon message+ app. I have tried restarting the app and refreshing her contact to see if it will, so far nothing. I checked to see if I somehow blocked her and I didn't. I need some help on trying to figure out what is going on since this never happened when she lived here, I don't know if her moving caused this, but please give me some direction on this! Thank you!

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Re: Not receiving texts or phone calls from just one person, help
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I'm so sorry this is happening with one of your contacts, BRIMOS33. I would be just as concerned too. Especially since this can cause some major issues between you two. Let's get this figured out.


Can you tell me when the last time was, that you received a message or call from her successfully? When she calls you, does she hear the phone ring, or does it forward her straight to voicemail? Lastly, when she calls or texts you, do you know if she has you saved as a 7, 9, or 10-digit number?


We may need to do a bit more troubleshooting than the basic steps. Are you able to reach us on Facebook at or on Twitter @VZWSupport ?



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