Why is it that Verizon locks the bootloader, locks the sim, and then denies ever locking their phones in another question in this forum?

   If you don't lock these things, then I'd like to have the code (which only YOU have) to unlock my sim! Then, I want a means to unlock my bootloader (which you blame Motorola for locking, and they blame you), so i can install a nice CLEAN copy of Nougat 7 on my Moto g4 Play, BEFORE you boat it, then send it out as an OTA! That is, IF you even release it, as other parts of the world already has this upgrade, but thanks to Verizon being sooooo slow on deciding which, and how many, bloatware apps that they think i JUST can't live without.



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The SIM card is unlocked from the factory. Verizon Wireless and the manufacturers for Verizon Wireless compatible phones are required to have the devices SIM unlocked from the Block C rules governing the 700 MHz Band 13 LTE frequency used by Verizon Wireless.

The bootloader is locked for security reasons and the majority of people don't need to have their bootloader unlocked. Also continued regarding unofficial software discussions is strongly frowned upon on this community as the Terms of Service for the forum restricts it and you and all the members agreed to those terms when you signed up for the community.

Next time purchase a Nexus or Pixel.

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