O Customer Service is Ridiculous
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I am trying to remove Disney+ from my phone line.  My bill is paid up.  I have been on the phone with customer service for 40 minutes.  Lisa says she can't do that and she refuses to transfer me to her supervisor for help.  After 45 mins, she said he would call me back.  He didn't.  I'm going to check with ATT!! This is ridiculous!!!!!!


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Re: O Customer Service is Ridiculous
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Can't be making them work now can we 

Re: O Customer Service is Ridiculous
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Have you tried opening your my Verizon app and doing it yourself? Certain things are customer only where a rep nor their supervisor can do. 

Edit: Opened my app just now and getting to the remove Disney+ option was under More > apps and add ons > Disney+ with a remove button.

Re: O Customer Service is Ridiculous
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We definitely don't want to lose you, and we're here to help you. Tell me, were you able to follow the steps listed by Tigerstep (thank you @Tigerstep)? Do you have the Disney Bundle, or only Disney+? You mentioned you were advised it could not be done. Was a reason provided by the representative that you spoke with? Please let me know, thanks very much.