Oneplus 6T data/voice not working after Android 11 (OxygenOS Update.

Saturday evening, OxygenOS update came out.  After that, no data/calling is available on my phone.  I have a Oneplus 6T, and I've tried everything I could find on forums except for the total reset.  When I restart my phone, it LOOKS like it has service but no data for a few seconds, then goes to no signal.

I sat online with a tier 2 support tech for hours troubleshooting yesterday and he couldn't figure it out.  I hear about the APN settings not being correct, but I have no way to edit.

mobile data reset didn't work. sim swap didn't work.  tried a handful of other reset/data clearing options with the tech support including resetting the line on the carrier side.

I am running two separate Verizon SIM cards linked to two separate accounts (work and personal) and they are both having identical issues.

Re: Oneplus 6T data/voice not working after Android 11 (OxygenOS Update.
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