Ordered a phone and have not received it.
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I ordered a phone on Feb 10th, 2020 and was told that it would be delivered in two days. I went to FEDEX and changed the delivery date to Feb 15th. FEDEX tried to deliver it anyway and the phone was returned. I contacted Verizon Wireless by chat and they canceled the order and placed a another order for delivery in on day "guaranteed". Special Order. So far no phone by Sunday 16th. I never received and email confirmation so I cant check on it. I contacted Verizon Chat again and asked where the phone is she said it would be delivered "guaranteed" by the next day (17th)....no phone.


Where is the phone and when will I get it?????????????


This is part of the transcript from the chat on the 16th:

VerizonI can see that the order is on transit, and it will be delivered by 2/17/2020 by 8:00 pm since Fedex is closed today.
VerizonREst assured that you will get the device on 2/17/2020 by 8:00pm
YouOk, so do you know why it wasnt delivered today on a special order?
VerizonIt shows here that it is pending in Fedex team.
VerizonSince they only deliver on weekday.
YouOk. Ill wait until tomorrow.
VerizonI can assure you that you will get the device tomorrow.
YouThats what I was told yesterday.
VerizonI have double checked my resources here and this what I have found out,
Re: Ordered a phone and have not received it.
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I apologize for the confusion surrounding your equipment order. Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all because I know your time is valuable. I will be sending you a Private message momentarily.