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I switch from Sprint to Verizon Memorial Day weekend 2019 in addition to upgrading phone to Samsung Galaxy plus and I feel like I made a mistake by swtiching. 

When I was with Sprint, I could go anywhere in my building at work (9 floors and stairwells); Now... If I get stuck in the stairwell at work without my bagde... I am out of luck! 

I thought I was coming to Verizon ever more service, and more perks but it seems to be the opposite. 

I looked at the map for my area and areas I frequently travel and saw that I should have at least 4G everywhere. I have YET to see this work effectively since. 

What will it take to get the service I came for or go back to Sprint???!

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Customer Service Rep

Msva757, we never like to hear that a customer is having a bad experience with the service. We take pride in providing every customer with excellent service. I want to make sure we get to the bottom of this because we don't want to lose you. Let's begin with checking your area. Can you tell me your two nearest cross streets and zip code of the area you work in? ChetonJ_VZW