People can't hear me
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I have a Samsung J3 Eclipse and people can not hear me when I call them or they call me.  I am able to listen to music fine.  I have tried the speakerphone also and they still can not hear me.  When I talk into my phone it kind of echoes.  The person on the other phone does not hear anything at all just silence.  I have tried turning off the HD calling feature, restarting the phone, powering down the phone and resetting the settings and it still does not work.  Any thoughts?  I am thinking maybe the microphone went bad?  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: People can't hear me
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how long have you had it? It's not exactly high end so it possible it's just going bad. It seems Samsung either makes super expensive high end stuff or low end junk. No mid tier stuff with decent build quality.

Re: People can't hear me
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It is never good to hear you are having issues with your device. Let's work together to get to the bottom of this. When did this start? Are there any issues if using a Bluetooth device? Any new apps or updates around when this started? Does this happen with all calls or just certain contacts? Have you tried the device in Safe Mode?

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