Phishing attempt using SMS & mobile number
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Choosing this forum as a default (don't think it's related to specific model of phone) to report active phishing attempt on my mobile number. Received today: "VÊRĪZON- WIRELESS::DUE TO SOME ISSUES ON OUR SERVER, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO REACTIVATE YOUR NUMBER. REPLY WITH 1 TO COMPLETE YOUR REACTIVATION." [Note the accent over the 'e' in Verizon]

Yes, I've just purchased a new phone, but think the mention in the SMS may be coincidental. However, it occurred recently enough (within the week) that it may indicate a penetration of Verizon back-end systems.

The source number [(980) 999-2211] is registered on the East Coast as a landline.

Re: Phishing attempt using SMS & mobile number
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Hey, LEADOW16! I'd be happy to assist you today. That would not be us. 

Verizon takes our customers' privacy seriously. You can report spam and other nuisance messaging by sending suspected Spam and unwanted messages to 7726.*Aly