Phone HS's inactive after Jetpk added

Singned up for "unlimted" data and added a JetPack, now cant use any of our other Phones a HotSpots, even with the JP turned off! (wont go into what a scam the "unlimited Data" deal is here!... We are getting speeds of ...wait for it: 3-5 KB/s !!!)

Re: Phone HS's inactive after Jetpk added
Customer Service Rep



Being able to use your phone's hotspot functionality is a must, as well as your speed concern since 3-5 KB/s is not anywhere close to our expected speeds for our network. Also, to put your mind at ease, adding a Jetpack to your account won't impact the ability to use your phone's hotspot, so let's get this addressed for your right away. I want to gather some more details to better understand the issue at hand.


What is happening on your phones when you try to activate the hotspot feature? When you use another device to connect to your phone's hotspot, are you able to see the signal you're trying to broadcast? What is the make and model of one of your devices so we can go through some troubleshooting steps?



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