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I am very upset with Verizon. I recently purchased a brand new phone and was told or highly suggested by the Verizon salesperson to purchase the phone insurance so that "if your phone is broke, lost, or stolen you will get a replacement" that after "buying an expensive phone I would want piece of mind that I will be covered for a replacement". My daughters phone was stolen and now come to find out there is a "deductible, and I owe 200 dollars to get this replacement phone!!!) How convenient of Verizon to not tell me that or the fact that it would be a reburished phone, My God my phone is was only 3 weeks old!

I feel this was fraudulent way to sell an insurance plan. I feel Verizon should have to pay this so called deductible that I was never told about or given information on.


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SCHUMAK4, I am sorry to hear that your daughter's phone was stolen after only 3 weeks. From personal experience, I know how difficult this situation can be and we are ready and eager to assist in any way we can. I am glad to see that you have equipment protection on your daughter's phone and I want to ensure that you have the correct expectations in regard to the terms and conditions of this program. Fortunately, the equipment protection serves to provide a replacement device in the event that the phone is lost, however, there is a deductible that is charged when a claim is filed. The good news is that the equipment protection offers the option to obtain a replacement device, whereas if you did not have equipment protection, you would continue to be billed for the remainder of your daughter's phone, even if it is no longer in your possession with no option for a replacement.


I apologize that the disclosures of the equipment protection were not properly explained in full, and I have submitted feedback about your experience to the appropriate channels to improve your Verizon experience in the future. For your convenience, our resource for equipment protection can be found here: If you run into any issues or need additional assistance please let us know.


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