Phone keeps crashing on startup

My ASUS Zenfone V is currently having the most annoying problem. Being plugged in, it starts up like normal. But without, it will startup, but when it turns to the normal screen, it crashes, showing me the battery charging icon and turning off. I tried using the fastboot menu, didn't work. 


I believe since I was on a road trip, using a non-native charger constantly affected it.

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Customer Service Rep

mekydro, having issues with a device is always annoying. Help is here as you deserve a device that works properly all the time. Thank you so much for the details you have provided thus far as it does help. So sorry to ask but does your device have any physical or liquid damage? Since it is believed that the non-native charger has caused this, are you now using the charger that came with the phone or are you still using the non-native charger? Lastly, when you tried the fastboot menu, which option did you choose to attempt to fix the device?