Phone locks up after the last android update.

After the last android update my phone freezes up, It happens 2 or three times a day. It doest seem to matter what I am doing. The screen turns black, sometimes the phone will get really sluggish be before it freezes.

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Re: Phone locks up after the last android update.
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Which phone do you have? On most android phones if you clear the cache partition after you get an update it clears out all the old files that maybe conflicting with the new ones. Depending on the phone you have on my phone I do the hold the  power-volume up-home to get to the recovery mode then just use the volume key to go to clear cache partition- then power then volume down to say yes and do the power button again. When you clear the cache partition it does not mess up your settings on the phone.

Re: Phone locks up after the last android update.
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Updates are meant to enhance and improve your device, crntsrc. Let's check your device to ensure it's working properly. Please complete a device health check on your device and check any areas not in green, Since the update, have you updated all apps to ensure everything is in sync? What is the make and model of your phone?



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