Phone stuck on Voice Roam

My Andoid has been stuck on Voice Roam since May of this year.  I've used the chat feature twice to get assistence.  They check my account and say my Mobile Status is on Roam.  Then they try to refresh my network and all that does is throw me offline.  When I turn the phone back on it returns to normal for about a minute then the Roaming triangle reappears.

I can't perform a system update because even though I am signed in I get a pop up saying I'm not connected to the network.  I am in the same location I've always been in and haven't gone out of my area.

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Re: Phone stuck on Voice Roam
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sky_87, I rely on my phone constantly, so not being able to update due to it not connecting to the network is very concerning. I will be more than happy to assist. Please share with me what happens  when you attempt to update the software while connected to Wi-Fi?-Rodney