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I have a Motorola Droid X2, and I seem to be having an issue. I was sitting at my desk typing on my computer and all of a sudden my phone powered off (which it normally does anyway on a daily basis). Only this time, it isn't powering back on. It's stuck on the Motorola logo. I tried the whole power+volume rocker thing to reset it, but nothing is changing. The battery is stuck in the phone itself (the tab broke off somehow and the inside of the phone is messed up from where I've had to remove the battery with a flat head screwdriver to manually charge it while I had no charging cable). I'm no longer covered by a warranty either. What's the next step?

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If you think Verizon is going to fix your problem you won't have a phone.


Well that I understand. I'm asking how to solve the issue. I know from prior experiences with technical issues that they aren't going to help.

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Hello cliffburton19621986,
I can understand the inconvenience of experiencing difficulties with your phone so we definitely want to get this resolved. If you haven't already, I recommend you run your device in safe mode

If you’re still experiencing difficulties after this then I would recommend performing hard reset on your device Keep us posted and let us know if you still need additional assistance after performing these steps.

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