Please Help! Lots of Spam texts!

Hi everyone!  I am hoping for some suggestions.  Nothing I am trying is working.  I get lots of spam texts from the same sender, several times a day, any time of the day (including 2 am).  Whoever this is has a huge list of numbers they text from, so blocking the number doesn't work.  If I text it to Verizon at 7726, I get no "thank you" response, so I have no clue if they got it or are investigating it.  Each text does have a name in common with all of them, so, if I could block a word or a phrase, that may work.  None of the apps I have tried has stopped this.  I have filled out several FTC complaints, but I doubt that will help with all the different numbers they use.  If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful!  Thanks!

Re: Please Help! Lots of Spam texts!
Customer Service Rep

Hello, being on top of your texts is vital, especially if you are getting unwanted spam. We want to guide you in the right direction. We do offer several blocking options that can suit you needs. Check them out through this link: