Poor Reception - Need Refund
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I was unable to make or send calls from my home for 6 days. Chat reps not assisting at all, already tried twice and both times they went ghost. Could not call because service was not working. Called a local store and was transferred to Apple, not their problem not to mention I have a Samsung! Visited a store and they gave me excuses and tried to tell me it was my phone and not Verizon. They stated they could not give me a credit for service not being available until the issue was resolved (me purchasing a new phone). Service started working on my original phone 6 days later but I cannot reach anyone by phone. Tried calling several times and on hold around 35 minutes at which I hang up. Cannot visit store because  only taking appointments during COVID and none available, not to mention I would to take time off of work to go. This is unacceptable for Customer Service or lack thereof. I've been a loyal customer but feel like switching carriers if the issue is not fixed asap! I am requesting account credit for not being able to use the service for 6 days. I would also like to know where to make a corporate complaint besides the BBB.

Re: Poor Reception - Need Refund
Customer Service Rep

Having reliable service is a must, Starlight7, and we'd never want to see you leave the Verizon family. We definitely want to make sure this is addressed, and we're sorry to hear that you're having trouble getting through. Please be on the lookout for a Private Note from us.