Poor battery life

Have an Android Droid 2. loses battery power very rapidly even though the charts show that it should be good for several days.

Tried a chat online with Verizon. The rep insisted on a factory reset. he attempted to talk me through the process but the screens were not the same as what he was giving directions for.

Saved several add-ons on my phone including photos. At the end of the reset lost 95% of my photos. 

Besides the battery draining rapidly that was also losing a Wi-Fi connection on this phone  and still losing Wi-Fi connection. the test is I'm working on a PC and it's not going down at the same time the phone is going down due to a loss of Wi-Fi connection

Two problems with the Android that I own. Verizon's answer is to use up several hours of my time going through the process of a reset. Loss of my photos.

Two days later after being promised a replacement phone I'm back on chat to follow up. No notes about the replacement instead of letting me say what it is on my mind the rep goes through a process of looking for my photos comes back and says they're not in the cloud. I had just said to him that they were lost why did he have to take the time to look these up again. 

No notes about the replacement phone. This representative wants to remote into the phone. Ask him what about sensitive data? He can't answer.  Tells me to go to a local store for Verizon to have some kind of a check on the phone. 

This phone is under warranty and I also have paid for protection on the phone for years.




Re: Poor battery life
Customer Service Rep

Hello sopmaz,


I depend on my phone every day and would be concerned too if anything were to happen to it. We are saddened to learn your pictures are no longer available. The Motorola Droid 2 was a phone that launched in 2010. Are you referring to that model? When troubleshooting an issue with the battery, a factory reset can help clear out any possible issues related to a bad application or poorly installed device update. It can also help with the Wi-Fi concerns you have mentioned. Remotely accessing your device using our My Verizon Diagnostic tool can also help review the current status of the phone and help guide us to a resolution to getting the phone fixed. Are you still working with the agent on the phone? What was the resolution? 


- ChristopherM_VZW