Poor experience every time with Verizons customer service

Warning, if you buy a phone and don't like it "oh well" is the answer from Verizon... actually they recommend buying another one, what a rip off. Even if the phone has a known pre existing problem from the manufacture they still will not help you. I bought a lg g6 within 2 days the camera on the back was broken, the phone stays in on pocket while the wallet in keys are in the other, I think the camera lens is to fragile, Verizon seems to think its user error. How could this be if  I never had a crack on my old phone.... Charging issue with an error message of moisture detected and the fragile camera. Since they wont take the phone back due to physical damage which is understandable so the option is to fix it, but then the serial number will not match and they will deny the return due to third party hardware installed. So after having the phone for 16 days I already had to make and insurance claim and will be receiving a refurbished that will probably have a broken camera within a week. I would rather pay for the physical damage and get a different model but there is no trade is policy that allows that. I have a had the Galaxy s4 for three years while never having any problems, but now a within the month I spent $560 for the new phone and $150 for a claim that has to be paid due to physical damage.. what if the camera breaks again and I have another software issue, no one will expect the phone, I don't care about the camera, my concern is the phone not charging. End result, I am not satisfied with the quality of the new phone and have no way to return it for a different model... so it seems like instead of paying for a claim each time I am going to have to buy different model and have this one become and expensive paper weight.. so not fair.. if you were in my shoes what would you do?

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