Poor reception and dropped calls

Ever since I got my Verizon coverage, Jan 2021, service has been horrible.  I am constantly dropping phone calls, voicemails don't download and google often can't connect.  I went back and forth with Verizon after being on hold for up to 45 minutes each time, or having to give up after 45 minutes, and they eventually offered to send me a "like new" phone.  I didn't agree with trading new for used so I contacted Motorola and after being worn down by them also, took a refurbished Moto One 5G UW phone.  I had hoped this would resolve my issue, but it did not.  I am positive at this point that there was nothing wrong with the first phone as the same problems continue.  Is there something happening with 5G that makes the reception much worse now?  I am living in a house I was in 10 years ago and I never had issues with reception, now I drop several calls a day.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?  I was willing to pay Verizon prices because I wanted the best service, but that has not been the case.  If I can't get resolution I will go back to T-mobile, who will pay off my devices and at least pay less per month.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.