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I'd like to thank Verizon for the Nexus Experience that ultimately changed my opinion on Verizon and the business they run.

I'm not too worried about Verizon getting upset, or even trying to follow up on this post. What is a Forum Moderator going to do for me? Nothing.. This is for the Community Members to further educate themselves.

Android enthusiast? Phone enthusiast? Nexus lover? How about saving money?

These are all topics running through my brain when the rumor circulated about a Nexus phone going to Verizon. I've been a customer for 10+ years and am in love with Android and its ability to differentiate itself from phone to phone, or carrier to carrier. On the other hand if you're deeply enthused with Android and its developing capabilities or just its ability to run the latest software to test these new features then a Nexus device is for you.

A friend of mine works for Big Red and gave me the tip off months in advance about the Galaxy Nexus. He also stated that Verizon and Google were going back and forth on release dates and bickering about "exclusive" deals. It was a last minute decision to release the phone to the public for sales. Nobody understood why it took so long for the Galaxy Nexus to be released. Verizon had the device ready to go. Assumptions were made that Software was the issue. If you recall or didn't know Android had some "minor" and incremental updates shortly before the Galaxy was released. I took note of this because as soon as I got my Galaxy Nexus it updated the software right out of the box and I was good to go. Why did this happen? Looking back now I can assume that was the spat between Verizon and Google. None the less Verizon approved the updates and knowing Verizon's "testing" periods there's no way they tested and approved that software ahead of the Galaxy's release.

Delayed updates due to "testing" and Verizon making that nauseating claim that they "Update devices based on if the current software works".

I'm tired of Verizon and skipping to the end of my story because this is how the story ends. It ends with me wasting $300 on a phone that doesn't get updates, poor customer service, and overpriced services. What did I get for $2,300 in 24 months? A burnt hole in my pocket. Literally. Verizon lied to their customers when they sold this phone with a Nexus Logo on it. Let's not discuss unlimited data.

I've been waiting for the Nexus 5. I hear rumors of a Verizon version. To anyone even remotely considering this I would strongly advise NOT to get it. You'll be sorry you did. If you think this phone will be different...well then you deserve to be taken just like the rest of us back in 2011.

My Nexus 5 will be GSM on $45 a month for a brand new $300-350 Nexus Phone. That's about $1,400 for 2 years with Unlimited Everything! I'm around WiFi all the time so I could really care less if I get "throttled" by these companies after a few Gigs, and last I checked I didn't need to download or stream movies at 4g speeds while driving. Even if I did I'd have a "limit" so who cares.

I'll be saving $1,000 over 2 years and after a mostly good experience say goodbye to Verizon. I'll be getting updates normally and not have to worry about "limits" or extra fees. Its win, win for me.

If your interested in a used Galaxy Nexus PM me when the N5 comes out. On a side note what's even funnier is the resale of the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon. Nobody wants an outdated Nexus Phone ha ha ha... Oh Big Red...

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