Question about returning phone during upgrade

Hi everyone, 

I recently discovered that I have an upgrade available on my line. My current phone has ~$90 until it's paid off. I opted to upgrade to a new iphone, charge the $90 to next month's bill, and return my current phone, for which they offered me half the credit of what I still owe ($45) off the charges. 

So my question is this- am I still able to change my mind about this? Can I go into verizon store and pay off the $90 I still owe on my current device so I can just keep it as a backup? What happens if I don't return the current phone? Do they just charge the full $90 to the bill? Are there extra charges for that?



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Re: Question about returning phone during upgrade
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I totally understand wanting to keep your old phone as a backup. No worries, you can keep the old phone and just pay off the remaining balance to upgrade to a new phone. Please let us know if we can assist with anything else.