Question and a few complaints
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1. SO here we are almost August and are still waiting for Verizon to push the Oreo update to my phone. The OS has been out for over a year. The last update my phone received was March.To be quite honest I find this quite honestly sub par and unsatisfactory. With all the hype over viruses and malware Verizon drags its feet in support to its customers when it comes to updates. So the question is when if anytime this remaining decade are we going to see the Oreo update?

I am coming up on full payment for my phone and am going to seriously consider the lack of updates as a factor when I choose my next carrier. Now this will seem like an empty threat but it could not be father from the truth.

2. While I was upset when my cloud storage was taken from me and replaced with a pay for solution, I am even more upset with the constant bombardment of ads targeted at a service I no longer have and am not going to pay for. Please make them stop or tell me how to stop them.

Bottom line is you take my money every month and do next to nothing by way of updates, bombard me with ads that don't interest me, take a service from me and constantly send ads for it with no way to make them stop, and make no attempt to retain my business.

I know the responses are going to be:

"I am sorry you feel that way.."

"We don't know when the update will be released..."

What I would like is someone to to take ownership and respond in a timely and respectful way that they are looking into it and will get back with me in a timely matter.

Thank you


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Re: Question and a few complaints
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We value your loyalty to Verizon, and we don't want to see you leave. I know how important it is to stay current with the latest updates on your phone. I also understand that it can be extremely frustrating to receive ads for a product you are not interested in. 


Certainly, I can understand why you would wish for us to look further into this, but update information is considered proprietary, and we do not have access here to give out any details about upcoming updates. You can check the update page regularly, to find out if anything is being released.;


I'd like to help point you in the right direction regarding the prevention of ads for Cloud storage. Can you tell me how the ads are coming? For advertisements that come through email, there should be an option at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe. If they are coming from another source, please provide more details, so we can help you to unsubscribe from them. 


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Re: Question and a few complaints
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Thank you for your quick response. 1st I knew that would be the response to the updates and quite frankly I feel that is a useless site to go as for some reason it is a secret no one is allowed to ask about because there seems to be a sense of plausible den ability. I am not frustrated, but utterly disgusted by the lack of communication. In this day and age the "it will be released when it will be released" excuse no longer applies. We spend $700+ on phones and expect the service to match the cost of our contracts. I will more than likely be adding another line this year which means more so consider that. I do.

2nd the cloud storage ads are push ads through verizon on my phone directly and there is no option to shut them off. No emails. I had 25gb before you removed that service. So you can understand my ire.

John O.