RCS Messaging
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Hey Verizon, Lets stop procratinating and get RCS messaging out already. The Pixel Phones use it so obviously it works. It kind of defeats the purpose of having it only on pixel phones if they can't use it when the message a non pixel phone. But if all phones supported it then it would be useful. The tech has been here for a while and if you can't get it out then you need to terminate your staff and hire someone that can. I wish Google would force you to implement it. We are all tired of "waiting". Get with the times. If Apple can make imessage work on your network without you, it just proves that Android phones are being strong armed by carriers and If Google or the manufactures had control of making RCS work I bet it would be out already. (Just like how you delete factory installed apps just because you don't want us using them) which is why I will never buy a carrier phone again. I wish you would put out some kind of timeline instead of us hanging in limbo. You claim to be the best network... PROVE IT!!!! 

Re: RCS Messaging
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This is customer to cusotmer forum. No one at Verizon is reading your post. Also I have Pixel 2 XL it does NOT have RCS